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Junior Secondary School Subjects

The following subjects are taught in order to prepare students for Junior School Certificate Examination (JSCE) - English Language, Mathematics, Prevacational Studies, Basic Science and Technology, Igbo Language, Business Studies, French Language, Christain Religious Language, National Values and History.

Senior Secondary School Subjects

The following subjects are taught in order to prepare students for West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) and National Examination Council School Certificate Examination (NECO SSCE): English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistory, Agricultural Science, Financial Accounting, Commerce, Economics, Geography, Government, Literature In English, Igbo Language, Biology, Computer Studies, Civic Education, Animal Husbandry, Catering and Craft Practices, Marketing, Christain Religious Studies and Home Management.

Academic Departments

The above subjects are grouped into four departments and each is headed by a senior master in the department.

Linguistic Department

(1) Pure and applied Science Department
(2) Social Science Department
(3) Vacational Studies

Academic Awards

The following academic awards exist in the school with fabulous cash prizes:.

(1) Elo-Linda Award by professor Onuekwusi for the best English Literature graduate student.
(2) Nzeh - Nzeh Award by Hon. Nzeh Justice for the best graduate Art student
(3) Ven. Akuwudike Award for the best mathematics student and overall best student in the science.

Tutorial Staff

The above subjects are taught by seasoned university graduate teachers.

Academic Units

The following academic units exist in the school: Library, Computer Center, Home Economics Workshop/Kitchen, School Poultry, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories, Bookshop.
Other units that aid academics include: Chaplaincy, Refectory, Dormitopry, Health Clinic, School plant and Transport.

School Admission

The daily rtunning of thee school is headed by the pricipal, assisted by the Vice Principal, Dean of Studies and Head od Hepartments . Teachers are also appointed as Form Masters and Mistresses, House Mistresses, Teachers-in-charge of dispensary, Sanitation, Games, Library, Furniture, Choir and weekly duty. The Matron is in charge of the students affairs.

Admission Policy

To qualify for admission into one the the school classes of DCNJ iNYISHI: (1) The candidate must have reach the highest levvel of primary school. (2) Must have passed the entrance examination in Mathematics, English and General papeer.

Mission Statement

To become a center of excellence so as to confidently participate in the education of unique group of educated, disciplined and homely youing girls, who will grow up to be grate mothers and leaders with godliness and contentment, to meliorate the fast decaying morality of this ade, yet as meek and humble as Dora Chinyere Nwankiti.


Diligence, Orderliness and Virtue.


To raise up educated, disciplined asnd virtuous future mothers that will impact positively on their world with christain attitude.



The above aims and objectives are being achieved through presentation of worthwhile and enriched experiences in the areas of Science, Art, Vacation and Technology in both the Junior and Senior Secondary Sections.

Boarding Facility

All students must be boarders. Registration of the student by the Principals's Office and paymenty of first term fees qualifies such student for residence on the compound. She is expected to be of good behavior. There are 6 houses/hostels in the school namely: Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Green and Yellow. A student is entitled to a space assignment, use of hostel items of furniture hard and soft e.g Wall hangers.

School Purpose

Begin a product of mission schools from primary to teaching training college, Dora had a deep concern for the proper upbringing of the young girls who would become futuer leader, wives and mother with Christain attitude raising up Godly families for the kingdom and nation. The high rate of moral decadence and poor quality of education in the public and private schools made the establishment of the apt rather than forced.

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Rt. Rev. E.C Maduwike.

Bishop Dioces of Ikeduru / School Proprietor.

Mrs. Florence Duruoha

School Principal

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